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The Science of Story

The Inbound Marketing Way

I’m a storyteller who has begun combining the science of story with inbound marketing techniques. Please let me know if you are too? Could this be the most powerful way of engaging an audience and influencing their behavior?

I wish I had known about it when I was writing screenplays. I had The Writer's Journey and other screenwriting guides helping me create the plot. But lacked the insight into how the stories characters emotional reactions to events, effects the audience's brains too. They respond as if they are actually going through the same ordeals.

Researchers attached MRI equipment to measure the brain activity of test subjects hearing stories. They found that our brains are hardwired for information delivered in a story structure. A well-structured story will release dopamine and oxytocin to create engagement. The mind of the reader actually mirrors the storytellers. Told correctly, a story can influence a change in someone's beliefs and behavior.

My value proposition to you is to create a high converting lead generation pipeline by:

* Finding keywords that have high search volume/low competition rate

* Basing an irresistible free content offer on the best keywords, with the "science of story" techniques

* Testing different types of offers with your audience to determine what works best.

While eBooks score high on the list, we may find that reports, videos or other formats do better. After they provide their contact info and job function, I segment them into a buyer persona for relevant educational email nurturing campaigns.

Someone at the early stage of the buying cycle may be more interested in an informational piece like a guide or e-book, whereas someone more committed at the end of the cycle might be more interested in a free trial or demo. All of these actions will establish your company as an “industry thought leader” and increase ROI.

I have been heavily influenced by Simon Sinek and Brene Brown's approaches to life and have the pleasure of working with the following teammates. Rumour has it that after a few drinks they have been known to sing songs in Klingon, about our glorious accomplishments.

Dave Haar, DSCE, DCME - Business Development & Solution Selling Specialist at Brawn Consulting LLC

"I had worked with Kenneth during his tenure at Minicom Advanced Systems. He has a tremendous work ethic and customer satisfaction focus on his every effort. I have found him to be both loyal to and honest with his relationships with both customers and coworkers and I am happy to call him a friend."

Tami Poupko - Marketing Manager at ALYN Hospital

"Ken was easy to work with. He was tentative to our needs and provided a great service."

Denis Adda - Sales Team Management - B2B - Channel - IT - Marketing International - Finance

"I had a chance to work with Kenneth Dukofsky at Minicom. He is an enthusiastic, motivated and highly dedicated person. His work in the marketing department was very professional and he always try to bring new ideas with him."

Michael Daskal - Project Manager at Discount Bank

"I worked with Kenny on a marketing project for a local retail software provider. Kenny proved to be a very broad-minded and creative marketing person. He creates high-quality deliverables with clear and relevant content."

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It really is that easy.


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In order to influence people you must:

  • Engage your target audience

  • Hold their attention

  • Get through to their mind with your message

Effective story structure lies at the heart of all three of these tasks.

An interesting character wanted goal because motive but conflicts so action and struggles finally resolve the goal.

I have mastered Inbound Methodology and how to create effective story structures and would like to join the right team. I have been heavily influenced by Simon Sinek and Brene Brown's approaches to life and would like to work with like minded teammates.

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