June 19, 2017


These 2 email campaigns were for my Star3dme Startup.

These 2 email campaigns were for americanregistry.com

Positive Thinking email

[Name], capture the power of positive thinking today

[Name], have you ever worked with people who do not seem to get sick? It could be the same office environment and workload, yet the person continues to be healthy. Medical research indicates that they are most likely a positive thinker.

“It gives me great pride to display these Top Doctor Award plaques on my walls. I know that when my patients and visitors see my awards, it gives them a sense of pride and confidence that their health is truly in the right hands. Moreover, this in return gives me great satisfaction! The benefits of positive thinking and emotional satisfaction and try to find ways to elicit these powerful aides in my holistic approach to well-being.” Dr. George Moskowitz, Top Doctor.

Look at the health benefits of positive thinking from the Mayo Clinic:

    * Increased life span

    * Lower rates of depression

    * Lower levels of distress

    * Greater resistance to the common cold

    * Better psychological and physical well-being

    * Reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease

    * Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress

Is there anything within your office environment that makes you think positively? You can display your award from $20 – $200, well below the cost of one sick day.

My proposition to you is that you order your award and Take up to 30 days to review it with no obligation.  Your colleagues’ faces will “light up” with joy when they see the award.

We are so confident that you will enjoy years of viewing your award that we are offering you open invoice/net 30 days, so there is no financial risk to you at all. 

As an extra incentive for you, American Registry is discounting the plaques by 20+10 for 2010. That is $30 worth of reasons to enjoy your award. December 18th is the last day for this 2009 special.

Every time you look at the plaque, it will increase your positive thinking.

Your [special_section] award boosts your immune system

Can your [special_section] award boost your immune system?



Logo Therapy email

[first_name], does your [special_section] award feel meaningful?

 [first_name], do you experience timelessness when helping your clients? In those moments, you are experiencing the effects of Logotherapy.

 The reason why it feels so meaningful to display an award is that you are actually commemorating the services provided to your clients. With products ranging from $20 counter displays to $99 plaques; it is well within your means to benefit from these meaningful feelings.

“My proposition to you is that you order your plaque and take up to 30 days to review it with no obligation. 

To order by open invoice, (terms are net 30) simply hit reply, type in the number of plaque(s) to order here _____ and send it back to me. You are eligible for a $60 discount expiring on December 18. Shipping is $12, so your total is only $111 per plaque.

If you prefer to preview and customize your plaque, click to AmericanRegistry.com. Use code OCT60 to receive your special $60 discount.

Every time you and your clients look at the award it will make each of you feel good about the quality of the services that you do for them.

 “Logotherapy is founded upon the belief that it is the striving to find a meaning in your life that is the primary, most powerful motivating and driving force in all of us. One of the ways we can discover meaning in life is by experiencing a value, such as helping people.” Wikipedia