June 23, 2017



I have been a co-founder of the following Entertainment startups:






Our company was recognized as a top startup by Seedcamp, IBM and Deloitte. Due to scalability concerns, we weren’t able to fund pilot requests made from Proctor and Gamble, Hasbro, Spinmaster and Palace Entertainment Amusement Parks. We also couldn’t capitalize on Simon and GGP Malls offer to give us kiosk space at their cost. So we changed our solution.

Kenneth developed our solution while trying to keep an emotional connection with his 3 out-of-state children, via video chat, and buy them gifts. After discovering that kids get easily bored while just talking, he unsuccessfully tried finding 2 player video chat games. So he began playing his own experimental games with them and they loved it.

These events led Kenneth to want to create these highly scalable video chat “Dress-Me-Up” type games. He dresses the kids with photos of real products and they dress him. When they like a product they put it into their wish list, which makes the items available for purchase. This is how the merging of games with ecommerce began and the “GameMerce” platform manifested. This not only helps out-of-town family members in improving their emotional connections, but can become the home shopping network in a game.

When a persongamemercewishlist likes an item, they add it to their wish list. Any family member with access to the child’s wish list can buy, sending them the gift.