The Why

I decided to become a Growth Marketing Agency rather than start another startup.

Being a full time Marketing Manager was great experience. I wore many hats and got paid to learn and utilize the latest strategies and tools. I also experienced the politics, restraints on creativity and other shortcomings.

My favorite part was going on interviews and meeting really cool companies, It felt like dating, but the person is actually interested in you. After the initial excitement of starting a new job, I would start to miss the courting. Now as an agency, I can get excited about your company and get that rush.  

The startup has so many moving parts and I found out the hard way that you can’t do it alone.

Being a freelancer was great too. It was challenging getting work, getting paid for it and then having to find more. Working from project to project was just too uncertain and too much downtime for me.

I think being an Agency that works on retainer is the best of both worlds. The freedom of a freelancer, the stability of regular work and the excitement of working for different companies.

What differentiates me from the average Agency is that I have encountered the same challenges as you and know how to overcome them with you.

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